Mild Hysterics

This is my month for doctor’s appointments: MRI, neurosurgeon, dentist, oncologist, primary care, and I still need to schedule an appointment with the optometrist.  The MRI went well, as did all of the doctor appointments until yesterday morning when I received a call from my primary care physician’s office.  “Your blood glucose was slightly elevated,” the medical assistant told me, “and Dr. Delgado wants you to repeat it in three months.  I’ll call you back in a few months to remind you.”

I then proceeded to mild mental hysterics.  “I don’t want type II diabetes!!  I have to eat better and lay off of the carbs!  Oh, my gosh!!!!”  Silly me, I didn’t ask what my number was.  I would tell anyone else in this situation to find out what the actual number was and then to abstain from carbs the day before the test and not to worry.  Do I follow my own advice?  No way!  You see, I’ve been told that I have PCOS which is often associated with insulin resistance, type II diabetes, and infertility, so hearing that my results were elevated caused me to freak out more than usual.

However, I had to drop by the office today to pick up a prescription for the anti-malaria pills that I will need while I’m in Malawi, and had enough sense to ask the receptionist to look up my results.  The normal range for fasting blood glucose is 70-100.  You know what my number was?  101.3!!!!  Seriously!!  That’s what I was freaking out over?  Well, no more!  I’m going to follow my own advice and cut carbs the day before they draw blood and just not worry about it.  Yes, it is high and I definitely want to lower my risk for diabetes, so I will try to incorporate more vegetables into my diet and reduce carbs, but I now laugh at myself for being so worried.

Good grief!


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