Grace in Small Things

Sometimes grace is lessons learned.



I am soooooo frustrated with what is going on in Washington, D.C. right now.  The so-called healthcare reform is a joke that will not solve anything!!

I have a lot to say on this subject, but won’t, solely because my words will probably not be clearly or appropriately interpreted over the internet.

Write to your Florida senators if you feel as strongly as I do: Bill Nelson-D and George LeMieux-R.

The Thought Occurred to Me

… that I never shared with you our second guestroom after it was “finished”.  The reason that I hadn’t shared is because it isn’t really finished… but as of today it is finished enough to be shared.  So here is our guestroom!  And if we are ever blessed with your company, it is probably the room in which you will stay!  In fact, we are having our first guests today, Kelli and Alex!


This morning when I woke up it was very grey and dreary outside… not the perfect sunny day that I was looking forward to.  However, when I went to let the dog out I encountered a very pleasant surprise…. it was chilly!  So I left my sliding glass door open…. even though it was raining.

Winter, please come and stay a while!!!