30 Weeks

30 weeks down, 8-12 to go!  I’m feeling pretty good these days, although it would be amazing if I could sleep through the night; everyone just says it’s my body’s way of getting ready for her, and I’m sure they’re right.  The biggest discomforts that I’m dealing with right now are muscle spasms in my back (for which I’m getting massages… yay!), and Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Funny story, the first time I actually noticed the Braxton-Hicks was right after using the bathroom and at first I didn’t understand why my abdomen was staying so firm!

Her activity fluctuates from day to day, and though I know I’m supposed to be doing kick counts, I haven’t really been keeping up with them.  Her movements are so varied, that as long as she moves around a bit after meals and at night, I’m not worried.

She’s been vertex for over a week now, and I’m hoping and praying she stays that way!  And that she doesn’t turn OP (sunny side up).  When she turned back to vertex, I could tell as soon as I woke up in the morning because of how much pressure she was putting on my pelvic bones, and though I still feel the pressure, I’m just used to it now.

Some of my good friends from work threw me a baby shower last week and it was amazing!  Our work showers tend to be pretty informal, but they did such a good job of making it special and incorporating the little details from the baby’s room into the decor.  And to top it all of, our little one came away with quite a bit of loot!  My wonderful co-workers were so generous and I felt so loved.  I was so excited that as soon as I got home that night, I had Andrew pull out all of our gifts and we immediately put the stroller together!  Pretty soon we will start taking Harrison on practice walks with the stroller to help prepare him for when the baby arrives.

We still have some work to do on the baby’s room and my goal for completion is the end of this month when we will be hosting some family from out-of-town.  Actually, that’s what I should go work on now!

28 weeks!

28 weeks!

30 weeks.  I never feel like I'm very big.... until I walk by a store window and catch a glimpse of my reflection.  Then I always think, "Wow!  I really look pregnant!!"

30 weeks. I never feel like I’m very big…. until I walk by a store window and catch a glimpse of my reflection. Then I always think, “Wow! I really look pregnant!!”