Back to Adolescence

Since coming off of a certain medication a few months ago, I have noticed a huge change is my skin.  I feel like I’m back in puberty with new pimples popping up almost every day.  I’m trying to keep my skin adequately moisturized, hair out of my face, hands away from the face, and lots of water.  I’m avoiding harsh chemicals and exfoliating about once a week.  I guess it could have something to do with the weather being so dry lately, but it’s really annoying!

Any green/naturalish tips for skin improvement??


Yummy Spinach Quiche

I don’t know about you, but I love a good quiche.  For me, quiche is not simply a breakfast item; I love it for all meals!  My mom used to make quiche lorraine pretty frequently which was great then, but since I really don’t care much for bacon/sausage anymore, I have turned to spinach quiche.

Such quichey goodness!

My favorite recipe goes a little bit like this:

  • Brown as much onion as you want (I use about 1/2-1 large onion) on low heat in about 1 tbsp of butter
  • Add several cloves of minced garlic (use chunkier pieces so they don’t burn) once the onions are moderately brown
  • After a few minutes, add one thawed and drained package of frozen spinach and a large handful of cheese (I use Publix’s five cheese blend)
  • In a bowl, beat four eggs and a half cup of milk.  Add some herbs and spices to taste.
  • I don’t use a crust because it really just adds a ton of calories and fat and not too much flavor or nutrition.  Instead, I simply pour the spinach mixture into a glass pie dish and then add the egg mixture, being sure to mix it around so the egg doesn’t just sit on top.
  • I use a convection toaster oven, so it cooks at 350 for 50ish minutes.  Sometimes I’ll take the quiche out after about ten minutes to top it with some more cheese and then pop it back in for the rest of the time.


I’ve made two out of three meals for this week successfully… but I’m not holding out hope for the third since I didn’t feel like making a trip out to get more eggs on Friday night 🙂

Dinner Time!

Well, it probably isn’t dinnertime for you, especially if you’re reading this in the morning, but that’s what time I wrote this.

Anyway.  I just wanted to share a picture of our yummy Wednesday night dinner.

I used a combination of parts of this recipe for the topping, and parts of this one for the chicken.  I didn’t have any sun dried tomatoes, which I would definitely use next time.  There was just a little wanting in the flavor.

I’m making it my goal this week to cook at least three meals from scratch.  I’m a third of the way there!  Next up, stuffed shells and spinach quiche!

I Have a Confession

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I am now in love with Woodchuck.  At about 11am I wanted to drink one because it is just so yummy!  I refrained, though, because it is alcohol, and my life is just not that difficult that I need a hard drink before noon.


I’ve been doing a lot of this lately


I named a baby today.

His mom made a very difficult, very brave, very selfless decision which also happens to leave him without a name.

So I named him.

It’s not official; he will certainly be given a different name in the near future.

But in the meantime, he won’t be nameless.

Say What???

I’m studying for my certification exam and came across a little section about labor pain.  My textbook offers several options for non-pharmacologic interventions including water birth, massage, and sterile water injections into the back.  Say whhhaaat???  I had never heard of such a thing, but sure enough I read this abstract which confirms that it actually is a viable option to treat labor pain.

You learn something new everyday.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my husband and marriage and come to this conclusion: I am completely, wonderfully, and indescribably blessed.

For instance, since Andrew has been off from school this month, it seems as though he used all of his time to spoil me!  He has cooked me dinners, cleaned the house, done some home improvements and just flat out spoiled me.

He is the kindest, most sincere, caring, faithful, and loving person I know.

I’ve heard of a lot of marriages on the rocks lately and as I pray for them and that God would heal hearts, I thank Him profusely for this wonderful man he has given me to share life.