Month {One}

P1130575Oh, precious Hudson, how are you already one month old?  You are such a bundle of sweetness and I cannot get my fill!  You are really laid back (except for when you have gas or a burp or are cold), and you sleep so much that I often wonder if this is normal.  You have a tongue and posterior lip tie that causes you to gag and choke while nursing, which in turn leads to some really terrible gas pain.  I feel so badly for you and look forward to our appointment to have the ties revised; I’m really hopeful that it will make a difference in your overall comfort.  You also really enjoy your pacifier, which caught me off guard and I actually had to ask Nana to run to the store to buy some extras for you.

Your big sister loves you so much and gets really upset when someone other than me is holding you.  She is mostly okay with Daddy holding you, but she will often still point at you and then say “Mommy baby”.  I guess all of our talk about the baby inside of Mommy’s tummy has helped her develop a strong belief that you belong only to me.  She loves to talk to you and frequently tells you to wake up; she also loves playing on the activity mat with you.  I hope that you two will develop a close friendship at an early age and be good friends your whole lives.

You are such a treasure, Son, and I love you so much!

P1130258Height: 22 inches (~75%)

Weight: 10 pounds, 12 ounces (~90%-ile)

Diaper size: 1

Clothing size: 0-3 months, no more newborn clothes!

Shoe size: 1, though you have yet to wear a pair

Sleep: You usually wake in the morning around 7:30, eat, and then nap again around 9.  From that point, you sleep for a few hours, wake up to nurse, and then go right back to sleep until early evening when you will have another 90ish minute alert period.  Bedtime is anywhere between 7:30 and 11, depending on the day.  After going down for the night, you wake up between 1 and 1:30 AM, 3-4 AM and then it’s restless sleep until waking for the day.  I put you in the Rock & Play when I go to bed, but then you sleep with us after you wake up the first time.  Although Jane loved her Summer Swaddle Sacks, you are not a fan, preferring instead to be swaddled in muslin blankets.

Milestones: You rolled over for the first time when you were 12 days old, and now you do it almost every time I place you on your tummy.  You started smiling in your sleep a while ago, but right before you turned a month, you gave me a big alert grin when I took you out of the tub.

Challenges: For me, figuring out how to be a mom of two and give each child adequate attention has been challenging.  I feel so badly that you aren’t held as much as Jane was, but you don’t really seem to mind.  You like to be held when you are awake, but you are just fine in the RNP when you are sleeping.

P1130490Post partum: Holy stretch marks!  Holy flabby abs!  I’m beginning to wonder if my hips will ever shrink (and I sure hope they do, otherwise I am going to have to replace half of my wardrobe), and I can’t wait to get the all clear to exercise.  I decided that I’m going to sign up for a sprint triathlon to motivate me to get back into shape and I’ve started doing some really gentle yoga just to get me into the habit of moving around.  I feel like my emotions are much less labile this time around, though getting out of the house with two kids is still something that will stress me to the max.  All in all, though, I’m really enjoying Hudson’s newborn period and I am so thankful for my lovely little family.