{39 Weeks}

Well, at 39 weeks today, sweet baby girl has 3 weeks or less before she makes her appearance.  I’m really hoping and praying that we don’t get to 42 weeks and do the whole induction thing and I’m trusting that we won’t!  My midwife doesn’t seem to be too worried that I will carry that long, so I won’t worry too much.  I calculated my weight gain so far, and while I’m all belly, I am ready for the numbers on the scale to stop going up… there are some numbers appearing that I never expected to see!

Now, drumroll, please.  Here are some long awaited pictures!

I was actually 38 & 6, but we will round up to 39.

I was actually 38 & 6, but we will round up to 39.

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Sweet pea, Mommy & Daddy are so ready to meet you and invite you to join us any time!  Please don’t make us wait too long!


The Good & Bad List

Baby girl can safely come at any time now, and we are so ready for her!  It’s so sweet to hear Andrew ask her to hurry up and get here.  As pregnancy progresses (and I’ve really had a great pregnancy), I’ve come to see that there are good and bad things about being pregnant, especially the third trimester, and I thought that I would share them with you.

The good list:

  • Getting to feel the baby move
  • Not having to deal with a cranky baby
  • Not having sore, cracked nipples from breastfeeding
  • Being able to sleep, even if it is interrupted a few time to get up and use the bathroom
  • It’s easier to care for her while she’s still inside… all I have to do is eat and sleep and she gets everything she needs!
  • No dirty diapers
  • I will never not have kids again.



The bad list:

  • Nothing fits.  Not even maternity clothes.  So note to other first time pregnant mommas; buy a few things in the next size up for your last few weeks of pregnancy.
  • Pooping is hard work!
  • It’s really, really hot.
  • You can’t go shopping (or anywhere) without someone saying “Whoa!”, “You look like you’re ready to pop!”, or “Do you have twins in there??”.  I still am not sure why pregnant women or people with babies have a “Please talk to me, I would love to hear all of your opinions and share lots of details with you!” sign.
  • Your feet are so swollen that they can barely fit in flip flops.
  • You can’t fit in normal spaces.
  • I’m ready to meet my daughter and see my husband as a daddy.
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions and false labor.

The list is pretty equal in length right now, but I could definitely see the good list getting shorter by the day!

{38 Weeks}

At 38 weeks, I can now breathe a sigh of relief as it would be perfectly safe for our baby girl to make her appearance at any point.  My boss is terrified that she will come before next Friday since we have a big accreditation next week and she really wants me to be there for it, but I’m not too worried.  All of the kids in my family have been post-term, and while I’m really hoping not to stretch this pregnancy to 42 weeks, I’m just not concerned about her coming along almost a week before her due date.  Although, my massage therapist, who is also a midwife, told me this week that she doesn’t expect to see me again for quite a while, and since I’ve been seeing her every two weeks, that means she expects me to have a newborn sometime between 39 & 40 weeks!!

I’m having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are annoying, but I know that they are preparing my body and the baby for labor, so I won’t complain about them too much.  I’m also having significant swelling in my feet and calves, and I am looking forward to the day when I can actually see the bones in my feet again.  Oh, and wear normal clothes.  Yeah, that will be exciting.

Every once in a while I will look at the one 4D image we had taken at the anatomy scan appointment and just look at her sweet (still a little alien looking) face and just get so excited that she will be here soon!

Our Darling Daughter, Mommy & Daddy cannot wait to meet you!  Take as much time as you need, but no more, because we are so anxious to hold you and get to know you.  Daddy is jealous that I’ve been able to hang on to you exclusively for nine months and he thinks it’s his turn now, so come meet us anytime!

An Oldie But a Goodie


This is a picture of our Summit Connect Group from just under a year ago.  It was taken at a volunteer event that our church hosts three times a year where we go out and serve all over the city.  A year ago, one of the couples, Brian & Erin, were pregnant with their sweet baby girl, Campbell.  Today, there are three more babies waiting to be added to our group!  One of the babies is waiting to meet his mom and dad, Kay & Anthony (front center with bandana & hat), in Ethiopia.  And he will get to meet them tomorrow!!!!!

We have been praying for and with Kay and Anthony during this long adoption process and we are so very excited that they will be meeting their baby boy tomorrow, and anticipate his homecoming in about 6 weeks.  You can read about their adoption journey here.

Kay and Anthony, we love you and could not be more excited for you!!!!