We’re Still Here

It’s been awhile.  Life continues to be busy, and blogging hasn’t been much of a priority for me.  Which has been compounded by the recent world/local events that I just have not been able to fully process and am presently incapable of articulating my thoughts on them.  But we are still here and I continue to be so thankful for the beautiful babies that I get to call mine.

J turned three last month.  THREE!!  How did that happen?  This little girl who made me a mom, who shattered my perception of who I am and who continues to show me who I can be.  This precious three-year-old who fills my heart to overflowing.  Whose attention to detail and elephant-esque memory never cease to amaze me.  Three.

H turned one a few months ago.  I don’t know how that happened, either.  Wasn’t I just a gargantuan pregnant lady?  This year has been so fast, and yet, I cannot remember life before him.  This guy just lights up our world.  He is fun and funny, fast, happy, cuddly, adventurous, and very much boy.