My Whole30… So Far

I was introduced to the idea of Whole30 by a coworker who was trying to pinpoint allergens, and then it kept popping up on my radar for the next few months.  When I heard that it could help me kick my sugar addiction (which kicked into high gear during my pregnancy with Hudson) and improve Andrew’s joint pain, I was ready to sign up!

So on July 1, Andrew, my mom and his mom all started our Whole30 journey.  I have done more cooking and dishes in the last 10 days than I care for, and meal planning isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world, but I have absolutely seen some positives.  I actually know what we’re going to eat every night instead of walking up to the refrigerator at 4:30pm and wondering how on earth I’m going to feed my family.  We’re not wasting food.  We’re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables (I’ve eaten broccoli twice in 10 days… a food I previously hated!).  We’re not wasting money picking up take out.  We’re exposing Jane (and ourselves) to lots of new foods and broadening our palate.  And I’ve lost weight!  So far the jury is still out on Andrew’s joints, but we’re not even halfway through, and some of the gluten and other potential toxins are still working their way out of our systems.

None of us every experienced horrible withdrawal symptoms, but I was pretty hypoglycemic in the mornings of days 2-6ish.  And on day 4, both Jane and I threw up.  I was also weak feeling for several days.  Now, though, we all feel pretty normal.

This nutritional reset has been about the most difficult test of willpower of my life.  If it weren’t for the fact that this was my idea and I’m dragging three other people along with me, I would have quit on the first day.  And when I lost 6 pounds in 5 days and felt super weak, I would have quit then, too.  But now I am so proud of myself for making it this far!  I have looked a delectable slice of chocolate cake in the face and said “I don’t need you”, and I have ignored the handful of chocolate chips that are waiting for me in my freezer door.  One stop closer to beating my sugar addiction!  That being said, we have allowed ourselves to consume a few “off plan” things.  First, neither of us think alcohol has anything to do with our ailments, so we’re okay having an occasional hard cider/beer.  Second, we had company over one night and I wanted to make sure everyone left with a full belly, so we had quinoa.  Finally, you’re not supposed to indulge in sweets at all, but one night we mashed up a few bananas and mixed in some cocoa powder.  All in all, though, I think we have done really well, and though we may not be following the outlined plan to the letter, we are well on the way to meeting our goals.

As far as specific recipes, we have had mostly eggs and bacon for breakfasts, leftovers or Boar’s Head turkey for lunch, and a variety of dinners:

As you can see, we’re getting quite a variety!  And although it’s hard work, it’s fun sampling new foods as a family.