30 Before 30

I’m not very good at New Year’s Resolutions, but I do have a decent track record of accomplishing my goals.  So with that “go get ’em” mindset, here is a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30.  I have a little under 5.5 years and I think that they are all very do-able.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my 30:

    1. Go skydiving (again)
    2. Have a baby (or 2… maybe even 3?) June 21, 2013 & April 29, 2015
    3. Read the Bible cover to cover
    4. Go on a mission trip 7/29/11 trip to Malawi
    5. See a Broadway show
    6. Plant an organic vegetable garden (and be able to eat from it) Well, I didn’t do it, but Andrew did 🙂
    7. Volunteer on a regular basis
    8. Sew a wearable garment.  And then wear it.
    9. Go back to school
    10. Go on a Mediterranean cruise
    11. Learn Photoshop (aka be able to edit my own photos)
    12. Read 150 books (~2 a month)
    13. Pay off student loans
    14. Take a cake decorating class
    15. Run a 5k (and really run, not just walk) (9/22, accomplished in about 33 minutes!)
    16. Take dance lessons (ballet, anyone?)
    17. Donate my hair to Locks of Love (9/12/2015)
    18. Make my own laundry and dishwashing detergent (laundry 4/11, dishwashing liquid 6/11)
    19. Participate in Project 365 2012
    20. Complete a triathalon (10/3/2015)
    21. Take piano lessons again
    22. Have a (or plural) natural birth/s June 21, 2013 & April 29, 2015
    23. Visit the UK October 2014
    24. Go on a cruise of any kind
    25. Pay off the car
    26. Visit someplace new. October 2014, Trip to the UK
    27. Climb Mt. St. Helens
    28. Paint the living/dining room August 2014
    29. Get published in a nursing journal (June/July 2015)
    30. Start the adoption process.

10 thoughts on “30 Before 30

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  2. lol I could teach you how to cake decorate if I was in town heehee 🙂 I have been thinking about a list as well lately. It must just be going around..

  3. I love lists too! I saw and started doing a list for every year aka this year is 30 things in my 30th year. I’m surprised that I actually might accomplish the whole list. Check out my blog if you want to see the list for this year. I also have a bucket list which has over a 100 things on it. I pulled a couple things from my bucket list for this year and will prolly do that every year.

    • I completely forgot that you had a list, too! I just looked at it, though, and you are well on your way to checking off all of those goals!

  4. Great list. Now start working on it! The years will pass quickly (especially if you do have a baby… or two… or three!) 🙂 Get started now. I’m reading the Bible through this year also. And we hope to have my hubby’s student loan paid off by the time he’s 40 (that’s 5 years, for us).

  5. Well we could definitely fit in the 5k and make a ‘garment’ this summer! Next time andrew is getting rid of old button down shirts, grab on that has a suddle print and we’ll make you a skirt!

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  7. Good luck with your goals …… you’re gonna be very busy. I’m sure that you have plenty of books available for number 12 on your list …….. I suggest mine could be a fun read :^)

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