Today I was in the MRI tube and I was three minutes from being done, when all of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see something move.  So of course I look over to my left, and then I realize… it’s a spider!!!!  In the MRI tube!!!  And I can’t move!!!  I am stuck there for another 2 minutes (because, of course, I told the tech that I didn’t need the emergency squeeze thing because I don’t freak during MRIs) as the spider moves around and stops right above my head.  My face is 10 inches away from this little creepy crawly thing, and the whole time I am praying, “Please, Lord, don’t let it land on me!  Please make it move so that I at least can’t see it!”  It doesn’t.  It just sits there above my face.  I feel my whole body heat up and tense up, anxiously waiting for the voice to come over the intercom and say, “You’re all done!”  Finally, the tech comes over the intercom and says those wonderful words, and the stretcher moves out of the tube.  As soon as it starts moving and he comes in the room, I told him that it was all that I could do not to crawl out of the tube before the scan was over.  He couldn’t believe that I didn’t scream, especially since he said that he hates spiders and all sorts of bugs, too.

So then we exchanged horror stories about bugs as we walked back to the reception desk.  

Next time I’m grabbing the emergency squeeze button.  I don’t care if I look like a wuss.



Thursday is scan day.  MRI and xrays.  One year and two months post surgery, so it’s time for scans.  I’m scheduled for 1230, so if you think about it, please pray for clean scans!

Sincerely Nice

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about extending grace to those I don’t particularly appreciate, and being intentional about it.  Last week I was talking to a friend about a particular person for whom I felt led to pray, and a few friends felt the same way.  We were talking about being Jesus with skin on to this person, and hoping that this person would come to know Christ as a result.  Well, today I was talking to a different friend on the same subject but with a little twist.  How do you go about loving someone intentionally that you don’t “appreciate” all the time without being fake nice?  And by that I mean how do you go about caring when you really don’t, and all you really want to say is “get over yourself”, but you’re really trying to be kind and loving?

Because back to my previous post, Christ continues to extend grace to me, and I would hope for the same from His followers.  So I need to do the same.  It’s just so difficult sometimes.

Hello and Goodbye!

If you have seen any of my Facebook statuses in the last few weeks, you probably know that I have really been looking forward to getting a new car and selling my old one.  Well, the Lord provided a great guy from who we bought a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe with only 20,000 miles.  We got it at a great price, and the service was excellent.  (So if you need a car, I definitely recommend this guy)

Anyway, we have been praying that we would be able to sell my old car quickly and for a good price, because we really needed to replenish our savings account.  We received a lot of terrible inquiries that turned out to be a big, fat, waste of time.  Well, today while I was at work, Andrew called to me that he had sold the car!  And for only $100 under our asking price!  What a blessing!

And so this post is to say farewell to my dear old friend Lucy

My "red headed" spitfire

My "red headed" spitfire

And hello to my new friend Ethel.

My faithful, loyal friend Ethel.

My faithful, loyal friend Ethel.

Yes, I named my cars after Lucy and Ethel of “I Love Lucy”.

Spectrum of Emotions

Today I experienced an entire spectrum of emotions.  I went from sleepy and crabby to tickled pink because I saw a cop drive into a mom and pop donut shop to calm and relaxed to excited that someone e-mailed me about my car to lonely to irritated and stressed to slightly less irritated and finally back to calm.  (I know that was a terrible run-on sentence, please forgive me.)  Anyway, I ended up having to vent to one of my friends at work because I was so irritated.  I was also short with Andrew when I called him on my lunch break because I was so irritated.  *Sigh*  I’m so glad to be home in my pj’s and eating dinner.  I am sooo looking forward to my day off.


I was sitting in church today, faithfully listening to the message when all of a sudden, a scene from “Yes, Dear” (a sitcom… the reruns play on TBS).  In this scene, as at least one in every episode on every sitcom, the woman berates the husband for some idiotic thing that he did or did not do, and he is made to look like an idiot.  And then I thought how horrible it is that that is the image of husbands and fathers that is being perpetrated in our culture.  Men, husbands, fathers, are not neccessarily idiots!  They think and act differently than us, and we just don’t understand it.  These shows are so emasculating and lead us to expect that kind of behavior from men, and even accept it as normal, when, in fact, it is not.

For example, I have a wonderful, thoughtful husband.  Sometimes, though, he doesn’t fill up the water filter pitcher thing.  This irritates me, but I ask him nicely to fill it next time he is about to put it back in the fridge empty.  Problem solved.  Now, on a sitcom, the woman would badger the husband until…. well… until he wanted to live on the corner of a roof!

When I sit here and think about it, it makes me really irritated at myself that I laugh at these shows which paint such a disrespectful picture of men and women and marriage.  So.  I think that I’m making up my mind not to watch these shows and become indoctrinated by the idea that this is what I should aspire to become.  A shrew.

Death By Chocolate

So anyone who knows me, even just a little, probably knows that I like to bake chocolate chip cookies, and love all things sweet.  Well, my mom has often made fun of me for baking only chocolate chip cookies, and told me that for Andrew’s sake, I should branch out with my baking skills.  So last night we ate dinner at Andrew’s sister’s house, and I was to bring dessert.  At first, I just thought that I would bring the usual, but then my mom’s words came to mind.  I started looking through some cookbooks to see if there were any recipes that used things I already had so that I wouldn’t have to make a grocery store run.  And then, I saw it.  “Death by Chocolate”.  That was it, of course I would make that!

Here are a few pictures of my creation.  I have to say… I was a little embarrassed at its looks… and was a little nervous about how it would taste.

CakeView from the top

And here is a picture of me… just a little unsure of my creation.

meunsureAs it turns out, it tasted okay.  Not fantastic, but pretty okay.


Today I wrote a card to the family of the baby I wrote about on Saturday.  As I finished writing I said to my friend and coworker Jennine that it felt so done now.  He really is gone, and I will not see him again this side of Heaven.  I still can’t believe it.  I still walk into work half-expecting to see him and his family, but this note gave me closure.  As I was writing, I felt so badly because I know that in times of grief, no words are sufficient.  All that I can do is hope and pray that at least they would know how much I loved working with them, and how much they and their beautiful boy meant to me.

Closure.  It’s so final.


…are not the most flattering clothes.  Yesterday I was wearing some really cute ones, though, that had an empire waist and tied in the back.  Those dang empire waists, they tend to make a belly poof; I’m beginning to hate them.  I was asked if I was pregnant twice yesterday.  I almost cried the first time.  And FYI, I’m not.


should be a good day.  We’re probably getting a new car, and, more importantly, my friend Melissa is having a baby boy!  I can’t wait to meet him!

On a sad note, today was my first day back to work since a very sad day, which was difficult.  What was even more difficult was not being able to give the family a hug, or have any kind of contact to say just how much they and their sweet boy meant to me.