{14 Months}

20140802_163225 Another month has come and gone so quickly.  If I don’t journal at least once a week, I forget everything that we’ve done, and we really do a lot!  On the days that I work, Jane continues to spend time with Momsey, but if I’m home, we try to take at least one outing a day to keep us both entertained.  She is highly social and still loves her water table and playing outside, Harrison, reading, swimming, dancing, music, and everytime she get her hands on the remote, she says “Jake” and points it at the television.  I usually end up letting her watch 20-30 minutes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates a day so that I can prepare dinner without having to pull her out of cabinets or away from the dog’s ears.   Also, thanks to my Dad, she now knows how to climb a ladder.  First thing in the morning when we go to change her diaper and get her dressed, she pats her head and asks for a bow.  Adorable!  She will sometimes gives us kisses when we ask now, and it is the most heartwarming thing in the world.  Our love for her just continues to grow and grow!

P1120220IMG_20140821_103536Height: 30 inches (50th %-ile)

Weight: 24 pounds, 6 ounces (just above 75th %-ile)

Shoe Size: 4

20140805_171512Diaper Size: 4

Clothing: 18 month

Sleep: Well, we’re still night weaning and some night are better than others.  In addition to night weaning, Jane can’t decide whether or not she needs a morning nap, so we’re all kinds of topsy turvy right now.

20140810_155559Milestones: She’s walking!!  On August 7, while I was at work, she started walking all over the place like a pro.  When Andrew called to tell me, I told him to push her down and not let her.  He didn’t listen 😉  She’s becoming very independent, and I can actually walk into a different room now without her freaking out.  She will even go explore on her own.  She can also point to her head, nose, ears, mouth, toes, belly button, and chest.  She eats well, and she says: book, bow, doggie, spoon, daddy,bye bye, ball, and Jake (of the Neverland Pirates).  She can sign please, more, water (which looks more like thank you), food, and milk.  Sometimes she can put the right shapes in the shape sorter, and she’s been putting her stacking rings on the stacking thing for about a month or so.



Easier Said Than Done

I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding, in fact, it’s become a passion of mine and I am even going through training this week to become a certified breastfeeding counselor.  I love seeing women nurse in public, and I feel so empowered when nursing Jane in the ergo.

But.  If I don’t have the ergo with me, I’ve discovered that I’m a hypocrite.  Twice in the last week I’ve had to breastfeed in public and I was so incredibly nervous and tried to distract Jane so that I wouldn’t have to.  No dice.  The first time was at a restaurant in Winter Park, where I did manage to nurse.  The second time was at the DMV yesterday.  I’ve always vehemently said that I would never feed my child in the bathroom.  But I did. Standing up.  Then she wanted more milk after we left the restroom, so I tried to be discreet.  But when she lifted my shirt almost to my face, thereby exposing me to the world I told her no and stopped.

Even now, I’m so frustrated with myself.  I’m frustrated that I didn’t bring my ergo because it allows me complete comfort nursing in public; I’m frustrated that I didn’t plan well.  And I’m frustrated because I let myself and Jane down.  I guess I’m not as brave as I thought I was.

Night Weaning: Take Two!

Last weekend when Andrew was out of town, I restarted the process of night weaning.  Just as before, that first night was pretty terrible, and we stayed in the first stage of Dr. Gordon’s method for six nights (much longer than the plan calls for), and then moved on two nights ago.  And I don’t know if it’s the night weaning or the fact that Jane has learned to walk, but her sleep is so much better now!  Usually when I put her down for the night, she’s up again every hour until I bring her into bed, but lately she has gone down easily and stayed asleep for 4-5 hours!  We’re not “there” yet, but I definitely see sleeping through the night on the horizon!

{13 Months}

20140724_104908I think that I say this every month, but time is moving along at warp speed and my baby is becoming less of a baby every day and is growing more and more into her own person.  I am so thankful for the gift of being her mom, and I am constantly in awe of that fact.  Jane continues to be an absolutely delightful little girl who loves her parents, her doggie, playing in the water, reading, getting into absolutely everything, and dancing.  The last month has been filled with little outings here and there and time with family… and loving every minute!

First time on Disney property!

First time on Disney property!

Height: 29 inches (between 25th & 50th %-ile)

Weight: 23 pounds (between 50th & 75th %-ile)

Shoes size: 3

Diaper size: 4

She loves watching Daddy do yardwork

She loves watching Daddy do yardwork

Clothing: 18 month, but all of her swimsuits are 12 month and I refuse to buy bigger ones!

Sleep: No better than before.  We went on a staycation with my family and they all got to observe up close and personal how interrupted our sleep tends to be 😉  But, I also spent my first night away from Jane and got a whopping 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep, courtesy of my amazing husband.  You can read about it here.

Milestones: Closer and closer to walking!