Here are the updates from throughout today:

0700: Just got word that the doctors decided to begin the warming up process again in two hours. PLEASE PRAY that Brynn will not have another heart failure episode!

Shortly after 0700:

The hardest thing to balance in Brynn’s body is keeping her blood pressure high enough and her heart rate low enough. If they change the meds for one, it affects the other … negatively. Right now, bp is good, heart rate is a little high.

1500: UPDATE: just got off the phone with Joey. Brynn is doing well and EEG shows no sign of seizures. Within the next 24 hours doctors and family will have to make important decisions on what’s best for Brynn (i.e. pacemakers, heart transplant…) please do not grow weary in praying. Joey wants us all to pray for her heart to be strengthened.  Joey is blown away by all the support, encouragement and prayers. He told me that he has received phone calls and texts from individuals he does not know telling him that they are praying for Brynn. Thanks you for standing beside them during this time. Continue to lift joey up in prayer also. He was able to sleep last night and is now eating but still needs the Lord to strengthen him.

1730: NEW UPDATE!! Brynn has been undergoing the warming up process for the last 7 hours. The doctors are very encouraged by her progress. She is currently in between sleep and being awake. She is responsive to people talking with her. Her eyes are open and she is very aware that we are here. She is doing great! Please pass this along


Daniel 3:16-18

This is the latest update on Brynn as posted by her mother

We’re thankful that Brynn had a peaceful night with no more complications. Please pray that she can continue to remain stable and that her heart will strengthen over these next 40+ hours of sedation and body-cooling protocol. She is getting wonderful care here at VCU in Richmond, and our loving Lord’s hands.

I am so thankful for an uneventful night for Brynn.  I am reluctant to go to work these next few days because it means that I cannot sit by my computer looking for updates, but it is an exercise in trusting the Great Physician.

I claim Daniel 3:16-18 for her, and pray that the Lord would deliver her through the fire.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to the king, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter.  If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king.  But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

Praise the Lord!

The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective!!!

I spoke to Brynn’s sister-in-law a few minutes ago and she filled me in on the latest: Brynn did not, in fact, have surgery this morning, so for those of you who read my Facebook status, I apologize for misinforming you.  Her blood pressure did drop, but with medical interventions, her vitals are now where they need to be.  She woke up completely on her own for a few minutes and was able to shake her head and squeeze hands when her parents and husband asked her questions.  She is still in a hypothermic state and more sedation has been added to give her rest and allow her body to recover.

Thank you for your prayers, keep them coming!


This update from Brynn’s brother:

Nothing new yet. She was stable throughout the night. Nothing has gone wrong. The doctors have Brynn where they want her as far as vitals and progress go. We just have to be patient. They won’t start bringing out of this coma until 5pm this afternoon. From there it is a 16-18hr process. They have been discussing medication options and/or a pacemaker. This hospital has had a very high success rate with this sort of treatment for coma victims. They know exactly what they’re doing, they know exactly what Brynn’s body is doing and they are attending to her 24/7. My mom said that a nurse has been with her continually since she arrived. They said when Joey or one of them talks to Brynn that her EKG and monitors react, so they know she is somewhat aware.
Thanks for all your prayers and support. I will let you know if I need something. For now all I and my family can do it wait, pray and trust God.

Pray without ceasing

Update on Brynn:

Brynn went into cardiac arrest this afternoon which caused her to stop breathing.  Her husband gave her CPR (sidenote… please learn CPR… you never know whose life you could save) and she was then rushed to the ER.  She had a CT scan there, see previous post, and was the airlifted to a bigger facility.  She is currently on a ventilator in the ICU where she is in a medically induced coma.  Her body temperature is being kept low to protect her brain and other organs; the staff will begin the process of waking her up in the next 16-24 hours.  They are running more tests while she is comatose, but we won’t know the extent of the damage until she wakes up.

Thank you for your prayers, please keep them coming!

Calling Prayer Warriors!!

A friend from college, Brynn, was rushed by helicopter to the hospital this afternoon.  According to her brother’s Facebook page she stopped breathing and her husband had to resuscitate her.  Her vitals have normalized, her CT did not show anything abnormal and the medical staff is uncertain why she is still in a coma and exactly what is wrong.  They have an infant son and their family is here in Florida; they are currently living in Virginia.

Please, please pray!!!

Flu Shot

This is why I wont be getting the flu vaccine this year.  In previous years I have always received the vaccine because I was uninformed and I work with a high risk population.

Last year I received the annual flu vaccine but refused the H1N1 because it was too unstudied and there were too many people who had too many ill effects.  When the infectious disease people at my hospital discovered that a large number of people were refusing H1N1, they sent people down (on our lunch break) to try to guilt trip us into getting it by saying that if a preemie were to get the flu, it would definitely kill them and all kinds of other things.  While it is true that the flu would kill a preemie, if I am a responsible person who does not go to work when sick then no baby will get sick as a result of me.

All this to say, I’m not getting the flu shot this year… I’ll be loading up on vitamin D.