Just Jesus {A Book Review}

I picked up a copy of Just Jesus: My Struggle to Become Human by Walter Wink, because I was interested in this man who was a champion of civil rights and who fought (non-violently) for the rights of others.  Wink wrote this autobiography as he fought dementia, the disease that ultimately claimed his life.  The format of the book is interesting, each chapter is usually only a few pages, so it’s pretty easy to pick up at any point during a busy day which I found really helpful.

I’m not sure that I agree with all of Dr. Wink’s theology, but it was very interesting to read, and I loved learning about the Christian nonviolent resistance in our own country and abroad.

To learn more about Dr. Wink or to buy this book, click here.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.


Ten Months of Jane

I can't believe how much she has grown!

I can’t believe how much she has grown!

I feel like Jane is becoming less and less of a baby every day and more and more like a toddler.  She loves books, walking with assistance, playing with Harrison, people watching, and playing with her doll.  Although her weight gain has pretty much come to a stand still (and thereby allowing her to thin out!), she still has some super cute rolls left on her arms.  I don’t know how it’s possible, but my love for her just continues to grow.

This month, we celebrated Easter and spent some fun time with friends and family.  Jane loves her outings and is usually very “well behaved” in public, although eating out has become a little more challenging because she wants to be on the go!

Height: 28.5 inches (between 50th & 75th %-ile)

20140414_124559Weight: 23 pounds (just above 90th %-ile)

My sweet, fun-loving girl

My sweet, fun-loving girl

Diaper size: 4

Shoe size: 3

Clothing: 12 month

Sleep:  Sleep?  What’s that?  We continue to nurse to sleep and she naps (for me) and goes down for the night in her crib.  Within a few hours though, she wakes up to nurse and I usually end up bringing her into bed at that point and I’m too tired to keep track of how often she wakes me up.  We did upgrade to a king size bed, which I think allows us all to sleep a bit more comfortably.  She still takes two naps a day, which I just love!  I’m not looking forward to the day when she drops to just one.

20140414_172954Challenges: Just the everyday things that challenge me to be a better person and mom.  Jane is still in a bit of a biting phase where she will sometimes bit when nursing; I have yet to figure out how to make her stop.  When Jane is having a hard day due to teething and/or poor napping I am especially thankful for God’s grace and patience with me.

Successes: We’ve figured out how to back carry in the Ergo, which is very helpful when I need to get chores done and Jane is being clingy.

20140420_100950Post partum: I have finally reached the point where I am okay with taking a break from being mommy for a few hours.  It’s nice to have family close enough to come spend some time with her while I go run errands or have some “me” time.  I’m also making more of a concerted effort to get some exercise in, because when I look at my saggy belly, it just makes me sad.  Also, when I think about the possibility of bringing another child into our family, I no longer feel like I’m going to have a panic attack (no, I’m not pregnant).