{2012}: Days 48, 50, and 54 through 59

Day 48: This strawberry looked like an old man in person... wasn't quite able to capture his essence, but you can tell it's a funny looking strawberry!

Day 50: Some of the candy from Kailyn's fabulous 1st birthday party!

Day 54: Friends Stefanie and Alison were in town and we were able to go to Summit together. I love friends!

Day 55: A few friends went downtown for Kim's birthday and we saw the Budweiser wagon, complete with Clydesdales and Dalmatian!

Day 56: Stefanie and Alison enjoying some homemade cake ūüôā Yum!

Day 57: We were able to get together with Emily while Stef and Alison were in town and we had such a good time catching up!

Day 58: Bring on the confetti cake! We are taking 3 boxes to Paris for my sister who is having a craving for confetti cake.

Day 59: Peas from Andrew's garden. My husband has such a green thumb!


{2012}: Days 51-53

Day 51: Homemade mac & cheese made by my sweet friend Kim for our Bible study. Yum!!

Day 52: Andrew is multitasking... studying and talking with a friend.

Day 53: My pinterest-inspired oatmeal for the friends that are staying with us.

Some sentences:

I am seriously out of order still; I need to work on getting the rest of the missing days up this weekend.

I rode my bike to Publix yesterday, 2.1 miles each way.  It is very difficult to ride against wind, especially when you have groceries on your back.

I’ve¬†exercised¬†twice this week… that’s a big improvement from no¬†exercise¬†for the last ____ weeks. ¬†Also, my “sugar free” day has been an epic failure. ¬†Maybe I’ll start that back up again on Monday.

We’re leaving for Paris soon!!!!!!!!

{2012} Days 45-47

Day 45: This was a day of pure exhaustion. I worked 6 out of 7 days this week AND floated to an unfamiliar unit, went to Bible study and church after work, and still did laundry. I was really really tired.

Day 46: Since I worked a full day on Valentine's Day, we celebrated the day after with flank steak, Hasselback baked potatoes, and homegrown salad with some yummy white wine from Oak Knoll. It was sooo yummy!


Day 47: I love my church.

{2012}: Days 39 through 41 and 43

I promise that I will eventually post pictures in chronological order again—just not today ūüėČ

Day 39: I love this sweet family! It had been way too long since I'd seen them!

Day 40: Thin Mints!!!!!!! I actually bought three boxes.... but one was pretty much gone by the time I brought them home from work ūüôā

Day 41: This was NICU grad week. First I spent time with Natelee and her family, and then I spent Friday with sweetie pies Skye and Henley. Both toddlers are just as sweet as ever, and Skye is now a jumping bean!

Day 43: Andrew spends a lot of time doing this... studying and writing papers on his computer.

{2012}: Day 44

The other day I was listening to the radio as I was driving home and one of Lady Antebellum’s newest songs came on. ¬†It was a song about lost love and the characters in the song wondered about what might have been and where the other person is now. ¬†The song moved me {I love Lady A!!!}, but as I began to jam out I started to think about mine and Andrew’s love story. ¬†And I was so thankful. ¬†I ¬†am so thankful that neither of us have lost loves or regrets, or thoughts about what might have been with someone else. ¬†We were each other’s first real relationship, first kiss, first everything. ¬†I know that God writes a different love story for every couple, but I am just so thankful for the way He wrote ours. ¬†No regrets. ¬†No one to wonder about. ¬†Just each other for forever and always

Sweet roses from my sweet husband from our sweet garden

I’m completely out of order in my 365 posts, but that’s okay. ¬†I wanted to post this one on Valentine’s Day. ¬†Because it’s special.

I couldn’t get it to focus quite how I wanted it to; I need to play with the settings some more, but I love the overall look

{2012}: Day 37 and a Book Review

My latest book for review came in the mail today

The Scent of Cherry Blossoms is the latest book by Cindy Woodsmall. ¬†Cindy Woodsmall is known for her fictional Amish love stories, and this is the second one that I have read. ¬†It tells the story of Annie Martin, a Mennonite, who is “politely kicked out” of her mother’s home to go live with her grandfather for a time where she ends up spending a great deal of time with a man she’s always admired, Aden Zook, an Amish man. ¬†As they spend more time together when Annie helps out at Aden’s family’s diner, they quickly realize that they love each other, but their relationship is forbidden by both of their churches. ¬†If they were to marry, one, or both, would be shunned by their family and community. ¬†In the end, they must decide if their love is worth sacrificing good standing in their churches and communities, or if they really do have the freedom in Christ to marry outside of their strict traditions.

This story didn’t rock my world, but it was sweet and a quick read; so I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. ¬†You can check it out at Amazon.com. ¬†Don’t forget to rank my review on the WaterBrook Multnomah website!!

This book was given for free in exchange for this review, all opinions are 100% mine.

{2012}: Days 33 through 35

Day 33: This Pinterest inspired breakfast of steelcut oatmeal was not quite a home run. It was good... but not great, so I probably won't make it again for a while.

Day 34: I was already in bed at this time, but realized I forgot to take a picture... so I asked Andrew to grab the camera for me so I could take a picture. Of the clock.

Day 35: Today was laundry day! It sure felt like there was more laundry than is pictured ūüôā Also, I used scented laundry detergent for the first time in over a year because I ran out of my homemade stuff and it gave me a headache. That stuff is powerful!