30 Before 30?

So, my whole “30 before 30” list?  Not so much achieved.  I knocked 14 of them off, which is pretty pathetic if I’m being honest.  Although some of my goals changed, like I no longer want to go to graduate school, most of them were not achieved because of pure laziness.  That being said, I don’t actually regret not being able to tick most of them off of my list, except for the reading part.  I’d really like to read more, which is why I’m going to put reading a certain number of books on my new “40 before 40” list…. when I actually write it.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about turning 30.  I am occasionally  tempted to panic when I think about reaching this milestone, but overall, I’m pretty happy.  These, after all, are truly the best days of my life!  I have my babies in arms and my husband beside me.  I have a wonderful extended family and a job that is meaningful.  These are the days that I will miss when my children are grown.  These days.  These tough, seemingly never ending, often mundane days of raising babies and keeping house—these are the days that I will miss.

And so as wonderful as my 20s were—they brought marriage and two beautiful children, as well as a host of other blessings—I look forward to seeing what this decade brings.  One of the things that I hope for most is maturity and comfort in my own skin.  At thirty years old, I feel like I should know who I am and be secure in myself, but most of the time I’m not.  So I hope that one day, when I tell my children about the 30s, I can tell them about a journey toward acceptance of oneself and others.


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