And Baby Makes Four: A Birth Story

Our precious, lively boy arrived over four months ago and I am just now putting “pen to paper” to relive the day.  My memory has clouded a bit with the details/timing, but I think you’ll get the idea of what happened. 😉

The morning of April 28, a Tuesday, began uneventfully.  We got up, had breakfast, and Andrew left for a dentist appointment before going to work while Jane and I got ready for swimming lessons.  I had just sat down at the computer to check something when I saw an e-mail from Jane’s swim instructor cancelling lessons because of inclement weather.  Shucks!  We were really looking forward to our Mommy and Me lesson!  Well, 15 minutes later I was still at the computer when I felt a little leak.  Oh, boy!  Maybe my water broke! Run to the restroom and am confused.  There’s not much fluid, but I really don’t think I had an accident. 8:45 AM

So I called the midwife telling her what happened.  No contractions yet, and maybe my water broke?  She said that it was probably my water, to take it easy and she would check on me later.

About the same time, I texted Andrew to call me as soon as he was finished with the dentist.  That appointment felt like it took forever!!  When he finally called back, he asked if he was going to be staying home today.  And I said yes!  So he came home and we just tried to enjoy our very last day as a family of four.

My contractions started about the time Andrew came home (an hour after my water broke), but they were very irregular.  We decided to go on a walk at 1145 which helped to strengthen the contractions (and put Jane to sleep).  By the time we finished the walk, my contractions were between 2 and 6 minutes apart lasting 30-45 seconds.  I don’t remember how long we walked, but it wasn’t a really long or intense walk, but we did return hungry, so Andrew went to get lunch at Chipotle.  1:00 PM

Just look at that belly.

Just look at that belly.

20150428_114004 20150428_114021

We had decided while we were walking that Andrew’s parents should plan to come get Jane around 3, hoping that my contractions would be more intense and that Hudson would be well on his way by then.  Well, 3:00 came and though the contractions were stronger, I was still feeling pretty good and it was so hard to say goodbye to Jane.  We tried to take one last picture as a family of 3, but they all turned out really blurry and out of focus.  I held it together to say goodbye to Jane since I didn’t want her to get upset, but once she rode away, I did shed a few tears.

Callie had been checking in on me all day, but by 4:30, I was getting frustrated.  The contractions were every 4-15 minutes, lasting 20-30 seconds.  If I stayed up and active they were closer together, but by this point I was starting to get tired.  Callie told me to rest and that she would give me a massage when she got to the house.  So Andrew and I passed the time by reading, playing cards, and watching The Office.

Callie got to the house around 8 and gave me a nice massage, then I ate dinner that Andrew had picked up (Panera & Publix), and drank a glass of red wine.  By this time, it was 10:30, so Andrew and I headed to bed to try to rest and Callie laid down on the couch.  My contractions had finally started to intensify, thanks to being able to relax, so it was pretty difficult to sleep, but I did manage to doze off for about 30 minutes.  Andrew took a good nap, but every time he moved it really annoyed me, and it seemed that he only moved when I was contracting.  11:45 PM

I had had enough by this time so I woke Andrew up and had him get Callie.  She checked me and said I was 8 cm.  She called her backup midwife, and we texted the birth photographer to come over.  Midnight.

There is a mix up between my chiropractor and Andrew now.  Her first name is the same as the photographer and Andrew asks her to come instead.  When we realize the mistake, I immediately text her back apologizing.  This really stinks because she had already left her house, so she had to turn around.  I’m sorry, Dr. Spaulding!!!

Get in the tub.  12:50 AM

I got out of the tub at one point to use the bathroom, but while I was up I had the urge to push, so I actually started pushing on the toilet, but then got back in the water.  I was determined to have a water baby this time.

At some point I yell at Hudson to just get out!!

I originally wanted to catch him, but then told Callie I couldn’t.  I needed all of my strength and focus to push.  So she asked Andrew if he’d like to catch.  He didn’t really know, if he wanted to, but she helped him catch our son.

April 29 at 3:33 AM

He is here.


“I’m sorry I yelled at you, Hudson.”

e-93I stayed in the water for a little bit before handing Hudson to Andrew so that I could get out.  When I stood up, I could barely walk.  Callie later told me that my hips had prolapsed.  I eventually made it to the bed and started to nurse Hudson while waiting for the placenta.  Callie kept encouraging me to push when I got the urge, but I was sick of pushing.  So then she had to threaten me with going to the hospital for a retained placenta.  I pushed.  It was delivered.  No hospital.

e-104Between the stitches (small tear), newborn exam, and shower, Andrew and I didn’t get to bed until about 8, right after my mom came over to drop off a meal before work.  So we were completely exhausted, but completely in love with our precious boy and so very thankful for a healthy and safe delivery and such a wonderful midwife and birth team.




Photo credits: Erin Miller Photography


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