On Sunday we had to make the very difficult and sudden decision to put our sweet dog to sleep.  He developed kidney failure, and short of sending him to UF for dialysis, there was nothing else that we could do but watch him endure a slow, agonizing death.  So we did what we never thought that we would have to do for our 5.5 year old pup.  Even now it seems surreal.  He filled so much space in our hearts and home and things are just not the same without him.

Jane asks for him several times a day, and I tell her that Harrison doesn’t live with us anymore; he lives in Heaven with Jesus now.  She is asking for him less and less, but still pretty frequently.  Last night we mentioned Jesus’s name and she instantly started saying “doggie”, so I know she is starting to understand at whatever level she can.

Andrew is absolutely devastated.  Harrison is the dog that he always wanted, and it is Andrew who feels the dog’s absence most acutely.

We don’t know what sent him into kidney failure, which, for me, is one of the most difficult things about his death.  We just don’t know what caused it.  That and watching Andrew grieve.  That is truly the most difficult thing, and I just pray that God would give him peace and comfort.

Our sweet puppy shortly after bringing him home.

Our sweet puppy shortly after bringing him home.

Our obediant dog.

Our obedient dog.

Squirrel hunter

Squirrel hunter

Harrison was loved by all

Harrison was loved by all

Sweet puppy :)

Sweet puppy 🙂

Jane and her doggie.

Jane and her doggie.



P1050260We love you and miss you, sweet Harrison.  You really were the best dog.


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