I’ve been working on slowly weaning Jane since the beginning of September and it’s been rough at times.  We started out by cutting “snacks” and only nursing first thing in the morning, at naps, and at bedtime.  After about 6 weeks of that, I tried to cut out the morning session.  It stunk.  She cried and cried every day and I just tried to distract her with food and getting ready for the day. During the same time period, we had been out of the house for many naps, so she would fall asleep in the car (aka no nursing).  I think we tried this for almost two weeks, but it was the same thing every morning and it just broke my heart.  So over the weekend I decided to let her nurse in the morning again, but we were going to cut naptime nursing.  It took me three tries to get her to nap yesterday, but I did eventually succeed and she slept for an hour.

And then this morning happened.  Jane woke up happy, rolled over and cuddled with me for a minute and then didn’t ask for milk!!  She asked for food!  I don’t know if it was a fluke or not, but whatever it was, I’m happy about it and said a prayer of thanks.

My goal is to have her weaned by the end of the year, but I have really mixed feelings about it.  Nursing is no longer comfortable for me, and although I originally intended to let Jane self wean, that’s just not something that I feel I can wait for.  I knew that she was not ready to wean, so I wanted to do it very gradually and I think that we have been able to do it (thus far) in a (relatively) unscarring way (for both of us!).  I know that I will be really sad when I have weaned Jane, so I’m trying to enjoy the last weeks/months of nursing my firstborn.  It has been such a gift.


One thought on “Weaning

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great and on the right track!

    I weaned both boys in a similar way, they both finished at 17 months. At a year we went down to morning, nap, and bedtime, then over the next few months dropped nap, then morning, and finally bedtime. It worked well for us, though I know each kid/parent is different.

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