I Never Thought This Day Would Come

For the first twelve months of Jane’s life, I thought that I would never want to spend a night separated from her.  But it finally happened.  I was totally exhausted one day last week and commented to Andrew how much I would love just one full night of sleep.  And do you know what he did? He granted my request!!!!!!!!

20140712_193856He let me book a room for myself at the Grand Bohemian (thanks, Priceline, for a great deal) and said that he would take the night shift.  I am married to the greatest guy ever.  Seriously.  Our dearest darling still wakes frequently at night, and our first two attempts at night weaning were largely unsuccessful, so we both knew that he would only get a few hours of sleep.  This was a huge sacrifice for him, and one that I did and do not take lightly.

20140712_184527So Saturday night, Andrew and Jane took me out to dinner at The Rusty Spoon where we had a fantastic dinner and dessert.  Jane was much adored by our waiter and the chef, as well as the slightly older couples seated near us.  The kid is a ham.  I love it!

20140712_205047After dinner they dropped me off at the hotel, and 14 glorious hours of alone time awaited me.  I planned on binge watching a bunch of movies on Netflix, but, alas, I did not want to pay for Wi-fi, so I contended myself with cable and Andrew’s Kindle.

20140712_205214After pumping and watching a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory I decided it was time for bed, so I turned on some white noise (battery died after about 10 minutes) and took a Nyquil, just to make sure I didn’t have trouble falling asleep.  And shortly before 11 — I. was. out.
I know that I had a night waking or two, but I didn’t stay awake more than a few seconds, and I woke up all on my own (or perhaps my need to pump woke me) at 7:40.  Glorious.

20140712_210315I then treated myself to breakfast at the Starbucks downstairs where I had a strange encounter with a friendly forty something single man and I hurried away to my waiting husband and daughter.
A full night’s sleep is amazing, but what is more amazing is my selfless husband.  I love him so much and consider myself so incredibly blessed.  Girls, he is the real deal.



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