Jane {Eleven Months}

With Poppy in Central Park

With Poppy in Central Park

20140427_150911This was a pretty busy month with a lot of firsts: first time at the beach, first Mothers’ Day, first time in New York City & Long Island, and first words!  We went to the beach this month for baptisms with our church and Jane was not impressed.  We tried dipping her toes in the water and she freaked out.  To be fair, the water was really cold, but I am now wondering how swimming lessons will go next month.

Height: 29 inches (75th %-ile)


Shoe Size: 3

With Grammy in Glen Head.

With Grammy in Glen Head.

Diaper Size: Well, I bought a bunch more of 3 since she has thinned out and I figured I could get more bang for my buck… but the 4s definitely fit better.  I think I’ll end up storing a bunch of them and giving some away as gifts.

Clothing: Mostly 12 month, some 12-18 month

Jane and her doggie.  She LOVES him!

Jane and her doggie. She LOVES him!

Sleep: Every time we travel she regresses quite a bit; while we were in New York she started the night in the Pack & Play (usually around 6:45-7:15, which is earlier than at home), but ended up sharing our double bed within a few hours.  From the time that she joined us at night, she would wake up every 2 hours and then would be awake for the day much earlier than at home (between 5:30 & 6:45, versus 7-7:30 at home).  Our sleep has not improved since coming home, and putting her down at night has actually become more difficult.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m considering night weaning because something’s gotta give.  She still takes two naps a day and they are usually around 1.5 hours each.  I love naptime!

Milestones: She now waves hello and good-bye on command and will give hugs/kisses.  She also can say a few words!!!  Right now she says doggie, daddy, bye bye, and mama.

Challenges: Sleep!  Although, to be quite honest, I have pretty much adapted to being sleep deprived.  Taking B12 helps a lot!

Not much longer until I have a ONE YEAR OLD!

Not much longer until I have a ONE YEAR OLD!

20140511_152135Successes: I was able to donate over 200 ounces of my milk since Jane isn’t a big fan of the bottle and all but refuses to drink when I’m gone.  As a result, we’ve freed up quite a bit of freezer space and helped to save some preemie’s lives!  Jane continues to bring us so much joy and we just love being her parents!  These last eleven months have just flown by, I can’t believe my baby is almost one.  Where is life’s pause button?!



3 thoughts on “Jane {Eleven Months}

  1. Zekie was not a fan of the water that day either. It was really cold

    I imagine Jane will probably scream through her swim lessons too. At least that’s what Z has been doing for the past 3 weeks. It’s hard to watch because you know to them they have no idea what is happening and just feel like they are always drowning. So you have to remind yourself that it is in their best interest and might be what saves their lives on another day. On the plus, by the time they hit 3 they like swim lessons 😉

    If she skips her morning nap, does she sleep better at night?

    Can’t believe she’s almost one!

  2. Kingston was 11 months. I never had success getting Zeke to really take a morning nap, it was always a fight and then it was only 30 minutes max because he would wake up as soon as he heard Kingston make a sound. So I gave up trying with him around 8 or 9 months I think.

    It varies so much with each kid though, I know some of my friends 18 month olds are still taking a morning nap.

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