Nine Months

9 months old!!

9 months old!!

I feel like I just wrote Jane’s eight month update and already it’s time for the next one.  Time is flying by so quickly, and already my little baby is beginning to leave infancy behind and enter toddlerhood.  I’m not ready.

Jane’s development has exploded this month; she can now clap and wave, she has started cruising along furniture, she has another tooth, has started to enjoy solid foods, is sleeping better, and wants to walk.  She loves it when we rub our heads on her belly, it makes her laugh and laugh!  She loves her learning table, the vacuum, and stacking blocks.  She is getting into all of the cupboards (we still haven’t baby proofed!!), she loves to open and close doors, and falls or tips over at least once a day.  She also knows her name and loves to dance.  I’ve been trying to teach her baby signs, but they don’t seem to have sunk in quite yet.  We are so in love with her that it is beyond words.

Height: 28 inches, 75%-ile

Weight: 23 pounds, 95 %-ile

Head Circumference: 75%-ile

Shoe size: 3

Diaper size: 4

Clothing: 9 or 12 month clothes.  She’s still got some nice baby chunk on her, so she’s a little too squishy for some 12 month clothes but she’s too big for her 9 month clothes, too.  What an awkward fitting stage!

Sleep: Hyland’s teething tablets are our friends.  If I give them to Jane before she falls asleep at night, we have a much better night.  She generally goes to bed between 7:30 and 8 and wakes again between 11pm & 1 am, and then again between 3 and 4 (when she comes to bed with us), after which she sleeps really restlessly and cluster feeds.  Then she’s up for the day at 7:30!  She takes two naps now, around 10:30 and between 2:30 & 4, depending on the length of her morning nap.  I really like this routine that we have right now; there’s enough awake time to go out and run errands or meet up with a friend before we need to get home for a nap, and if we do happen to be out, she still falls asleep easily in the Ergo.

Milestones: See first paragraph.

Jane loves her new swing!

Jane loves her new swing!

Challenges: I still love cloth diapering, but I am not loving cleaning up her solid ingesting poo.  As a result, she usually wears a disposable in the morning (when she’s most likely to poop), that way I can avoid having to wash out a stinky diaper.  Jane has been feeling pretty yucky with this bout of teething (4 trying to come in at once, so far only one has poked through), so keeping her happy (and her nose clear) has been a little trickier than usual.

Successes: Improvement in sleep!


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