Teething sucks. My poor sweet baby has all of the classic teething symptoms: runny nose, nasal congestion, poor sleep, red bottom, drool, low grade fever, and irritability. I feel so badly for her but nothing we have tried seems to help. There are four teeth currently torturing her right now with no sign of relenting (one had cone through and there is another just below the surface). I pray that she catches a break soon because none of us have slept more than two hours at a time in what seems like ages.


And although she is in pain and feels icky, she continues to be such a sweetheart and give lots of cuddles.


4 thoughts on “Teething

  1. Erin: Am so enjoying reading your beautiful blog. Jane is so sweet and adorable. I just wanted to pass on what moms in Canada and England have done for over a hundred years for teething problems…Woodward Gripe Water. http://www.amazon.com/Woodwards-Gripe-Water-130ml-Pack/dp/B000JWK4HS It had alcohol in it when we used it 45 years ago for Kim, I notice now that it does not. We would just rub a bit on her gums and it produced a miracle. Kim was a wonderful baby but when she was teething the pain she was in was terrible to witness. We were very thankful for gripe water and used it on Deb and Jon also. God bless your wonderful family. Love, Aunt Cindi.

  2. Erin…just wanted to add that Gripe Water is made by many companies now so you can search for the one that you are most comfortable buying if you consider using it.

  3. Oh Z is going through the same thing! K never had symptoms, so this is all new for me too. I haven’t tried the gripe water for teething yet, but I do use it for the hiccups 🙂

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