The Sweetest Things

Jane does so many endearing little things on a daily basis and it just breaks my heart that I will not remember every one of them.  I try to treasure these days as much as I possibly can, but the time flies by just so fast that I feel like I can’t absorb everything.  I really wish that life had a pause button so that I could savor this time even more, but I guess that’s why I journal/blog, so that I can remind myself of this sweet time for years to come.

Jane has four teeth coming in right now, which means that she is sleeping extra horribly again, and the other night she was having trouble staying asleep in her crib.  So, as is typical if I’m ready to go to bed and she’s having a rough time, I brought her into our bed.  I began to nurse her, but she still wasn’t able to settle in and sleep.  Finally, I turned over and laid her between Andrew and me and as soon as she could feel both of us, she passed right out. It was too precious for words.


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