Confessions of a Mom

I do everything that you’re not “supposed” to do: co sleep or put her to sleep on her belly, nurse to sleep, and hold her as much as I can.

I mourn each milestone as much as I celebrate it (sometimes more). Jane getting her teeth was just one more reminder that she will not be my little baby for long.

Very often I forget to take her weekly or monthly picture, so I take it late…. Or not at all.

I function remarkably well on a remarkably small quantity of uninterrupted sleep.

Many times Andrew now has to wake me when he hears Jane cry at night. I guess my super sonic mom hearing has disappeared.

I always said a first birthday party was a waste, but I’m already planning Jane’s.

I get bored sometimes.

Sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t put Jane down in her crib for a nap, so I have to remind myself that I will miss this one day and to enjoy it while I can.

This is the best job ever. Bar none.


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