There are many people who say that nursing a baby to sleep is a bad idea. They say it forms negative sleep associations and you should really put the baby to bed when they are awake. Perhaps the baby will need to self soothe to sleep, or maybe she will fall asleep easily, but put her down awake.

I am not, however, one of the people that says that. I almost exclusively nurse Jane to sleep. This began out of necessity when she was a newborn and had continued because (a) it’s easy, (b) it works almost without fail, and (c) I only have this day with her and holding/nursing her will soon be but a memory.

We don’t have a perfect system. Shoot, just about the time I get cocky and think I have her figured out, she changes. But that is just one more reason to absorb her sweetness every chance I get.

I am so blessed.


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