Jane is Four Months Old!

Janie's Dedication Day

Janie’s Dedication Day

I simply cannot believe how quickly time is whizzing by.  Already we have finished a third of Jane’s first year!  She continues to delight us more and more each day and we are simply intoxicated by her.

So much has changed this month!  Jane is starting to show more of her sweet little personality, she was dedicated, started playing with new toys, tries to sit up, and attended her first wedding!

Height: 25 inches (75%-ile)

Weight: 18 pounds, 5 ounces (off the charts)

Sleep: She falls asleep at night sometime between 8:30 & 9:30, wakes up sometime between 1:30 & 3:30, and then usually again between 4 & 5:30.  Then she’s up for the day by 7:30.  We still don’t have set nap times, but instead follow Jane’s cues, although she typically takes one long nap in the middle of the day.  She usually takes 3-4 naps per day, but if she skips one, it’s the evening nap.

Nope, I refuse to smile for the camera today.

Nope, I refuse to smile for the camera today.

Clothing: Very brand dependent.  She’s outgrown some of her 6 month clothes, but most of her Carter’s  3-6 month outfits fit.  She can wear some 9 month clothes.

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 2 (though she hardly ever wears socks or shoes… such a Florida baby!)

Milestones: She laughs!  Jane thinks Daddy is hilarious and will occasionally laugh for Mommy.  She is trying really hard to sit up!  She can sit in our laps unassisted for a second or two, and is constantly trying to sit up out of her car seat and swing.

Challenges: We have joined the ranks of the chronically exhausted… sleeping through the night would be soooo nice!

So yummy, Mommy!

So yummy, Mommy!

Successes: Jane is much better at taking the bottle. And, she’s just plain awesome!


Jane is so excited to be 4 months old!

Jane is so excited to be 4 months old!