I’m Granola

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m kind of a granola individual. I saw an acupuncturist for two years before I got pregnant, eat organically, delivered at a birthing center, breastfeed, cloth diaper, baby wear, and use an amber teething necklace. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that I wanted to go to a chiropractor and take Jane with me. I really had to do some convincing before Andrew was comfortable with the idea, but he eventually warmed it.


Jane getting her first adjustment!

We ended up going to see Dr.  Spaulding a few weeks ago and I felt so much better after I was adjusted! It didn’t seem to have too much of an effect on Jane; it was her nap time by the time she was adjusted so she was a bit crabby, but I still managed to get some cute pictures of her.

We go back later this week for a follow up and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s quite a drive for us, but I’m quite comfortable with Dr Spaulding and these trips aren’t a regular thing so I think it’s worth it.

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Would you ever take your kids?


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