My Midwives

It’s National Midwifery Week; it’s a time to recognize midwives for all that they bring to the table and the unique way that they touch our lives.  Midwifery is quite the controversial subject in many circles, which is unfortunate since numerous studies have shown better outcomes for women and babies when they are under the care of a midwife.  That being said, there are two very special women that I want to recognize who have touched my life in such a beautiful way: Jennie Joseph and Callie Bench.

Jennie with Jane

Jennie with Jane

Jennie is a pioneer in the field of midwifery.  She is internationally recognized for her contributions to the field and is a highly sought after guest speaker and teacher (she also has her own school).  She runs The Birth Place in Winter Garden where she also has a clinic for at-risk women who might otherwise not receive prenatal care and achieve outstanding outcomes.

As busy as she is, she is always accessible to her patients via e-mail, text, or phone.  She is phenomonal!  I can’t tell you how many times this nervous NICU nurse/pregnant momma asked the most random questions in between appointments and how many times I received a prompt and thoughtful answer.  I am so thankful for Jennie and her expert care of Jane and me during pregnancy.  I only wish that every woman had a practitioner like Jennie.

Callie with Janie

Callie with Janie

I met Callie when I was 20-something weeks pregnant and really struggling with sciatic nerve pain.  She is both a licensed midwife and massage therapist, and came highly recommended by a friend at work.  After just one massage I felt so much better!  And Andrew even commented on how great my mood was after.  I ended up having regular appointments with Callie throughout my pregnancy and I give her so much credit for how comfortable I felt throughout and how perfectly positioned Jane was during labor and delivery.

Callie was an invaluable resource to me throughout my pregnancy and beyond.  She has such a calming presence and is so encouraging (plus she has magic hands!!); she has become a treasured friend.  Callie is a credit to midwives everywhere and I am so thankful for her!

So to my two favorite midwives—Thank you for all that you do!  Thank you for the way that you empower women and take exceptional care of women and their babies.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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