{Three Months Old}

She did so well on the plane!!

She did so well on the plane!!

We’ve done quite a bit in the last month; we travelled to Michigan, I started back to work, and Jane has continued to pack on the pounds!  She continues to be a delightful little girl and wakes up full of smiles every day.  We love her more than we can say and are so proud of our sweet and beautiful baby girl.
Weight: 17 pounds!!! (off the charts)


Length: 24 inches (75th %-ile)

Sleep: She typically falls asleep at 9:30, wakes again between 2 & 3:30, might wake up at 6, and is then up between 7 & 7:30.  She doesn’t have set naptimes and although she usually takes one long nap a day, it’s anyone’s guess what time that might be.

Clothing size: 3-6 months, but she’s actually outgrown some of those already.


Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 1, but barely

Milestones: Jane now reaches for her toys and pulls them to her mouth.  She loves sucking on her fingers!
Challenges: Although she will take a little bit from a bottle, Jane still does not drink as much as I would like her to when I am away.

Successes: We’ve made some progress in the car!!  Yay!

Post-partum: Andrew and I went on our first date night and it was nice to spend some time out as a couple.  I also went back to work. Boo.

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