{37 Weeks}

Woo-hoo!!  We have hit “full term”!  In theory, it would be safe for our baby girl to make her appearance this week, and although I am getting anxious to meet her, I am still not sick of being pregnant or ready to give her an eviction notice.  I will, however, start drinking red raspberry leaf tea and go walking to try to encourage her to not get too terribly comfortable.  Because I’d really rather not be pregnant for 42 weeks!  I’m pretty sure that she is engaged now, but I also think that she is OP (sunny side up), so hopefully she will turn around by the time she is born.

She has plenty of clothes!

She has plenty of clothes!


We are almost done with her room, and I really need to take some more pictures, but I don’t want to take pictures of the mess that it currently is.  The picture to the right will at least give you an idea of the theme… travel/Europe!

As part of our Bradley childbirth classes we were encouraged to write a letter to the baby and I finally did that today.  It’s tough, though!  I think that we will definitely be glad that we did it and hopefully the letters are something that she will enjoy someday.

Let the countdown to parenthood truly begin now!  5 weeks or less until we get to meet our baby girl!!


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