36 Weeks

Our little babycakes has made it to 36 weeks!  Only 4 more until her due date!  Although I keep telling people that I fully expect to be pregnant for 42 weeks, which inevitably gets me some push back from some, but I’ve been able to deal with that just fine.

Over the weekend we went to St. Augustine for a babymoon and we had a great time just being together.  We learned two things about St. Augustinians:

  1. They like to smoke
  2. They love talking to pregnant women.

Even Andrew commented about everyone wanting to talk to me.  There was one guy driving around in a convertible who stopped at a stop sign and asked me how much longer I had.  That is just one example and it was really kind of funny.

I did come to a point last weekend where I was very annoyed with pregnancy and would have been ready for her to come at any time, but thankfully that has passed and I feel like I could be pregnant for many more weeks.  I started having some pre-labor contractions  and I’m probably about the only person ever who is actually enjoying contractions.  I know that I’ll probably get annoyed with them soon, but I know that they are just preparing my body and my sweet girl, and hopefully it means that things will get going relatively soon and that I’ll have a shorter labor.  But for now, I’m just enjoying being pregnant and letting her mature.


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