{Third Trimester}

You know you’re in the third trimester of your pregnancy when:

  • you look at your ankle and wonder where they went
  • you can no longer use a normal bath towel when you get out of the shower
  • you feel like you are folding the baby when you try to bend over
  • tying your shoes becomes an Olympic event
  • you feel like you deserve a gold medal for pooping
  • you can no longer bend over
  • you can’t see your feet when you stand up
  • you have to go to the bathroom more in three hours than you used to go in a day
  • you start trying to move the baby away from your ribs when she gets nestled there
  • you see your belly button from an angle you’ve never seen it before
  • people start telling you that you look like you are ready to deliver
  • you get more excited/anxious/nervous about meeting your baby every day.

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