Third Trimester

Baby Girl is now 28 weeks and we have reached the third trimester!  Woot woot!

She is still hit and miss with her activity, but I can always count on her to be moving around in the middle of the night.  I’m sure she’s had the hiccoughs by now, but I don’t feel them.  A week or so ago I got a massage for some sciatic nerve pain from a woman who is also a midwife, so I asked her to check the baby’s position and she was transverse, but when I asked my midwife today, she thought the baby is probably back in vertex.  She finds my ribs occasionally and I have to make myself sit up straight so that my rib cage doesn’t press on my uterus.  I do have muscle spasms in my back from time to time, which I’m hoping won’t be a problem in labor, though I suppose I’ll be in so much pain that it won’t really matter where it’s coming from.

Pregnancy has been pretty pleasant the last few weeks, which is very nice.  I’m trying to stay active and definitely learned last week that being sedentary (and not wearing support hose) for two days (I was at a work conference) leads to very swollen feet and ankles… not so pleasant.  On the plus side, while I was at said conference I got to meet up with my friend Megan who is also pregnant with her first baby.  I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to find out the gender of her little one!

And now for the belly shots!

25 weeks!

25 weeks!

27 weeks.  After taking this picture Andrew said, "Yup, you definitely look pregnant!"
27 weeks. After taking this picture Andrew said, “Yup, you definitely look pregnant!”



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