24 weeks!

I am 24 & 4/7 weeks now and our little ear of corn is growing well and moving around quite a bit.  Andrew felt her kick for the first time on February 1, which was so fun.  Today I thought that I felt hiccoughs, but after waiting a minute, I decided that’s probably not what it was.  She tends to be very active between 10 & 11 pm and around 4 am.  I figure if she sleeps in between those times once she’s here that that’s not so bad… 5 straight hours of sleep?  Not bad for a newborn (though I’m not holding my breath).

Two weeks ago I started feeling a lot of pressure and e-mailed my midwife about it.  At first she just told me to take it easy for the weekend, but when I still felt it (plus the sensation of having a tampon stuck “up there”), she told me to go to the hospital.  I was so scared and thought that I might have an incompetent cervix.  I was terrified that we would lose our baby girl, and terrified that we might make it to 23 weeks (the edge of viability) and then have to deliver and go through a NICU stay.  Now, here comes the TMI… right before we went in to the hospital, I went to the restroom and felt better for a few minutes, but then the pressure came back.  We were seen by an OB pretty quickly (and an attending, no less!  One of my other fears was that I would have to see residents) who said that I wasn’t dilated or effaced, and then did a quick ultrasound where we were able to see the top of our little one’s head and hear her beautiful heartbeat.  So we were given the “all clear” (praise God!!!!) and the doctor just attributed it to first time mommy just not knowing quite what to expect.  I agree, but I have another explanation as well.  Constipation.  I honestly think that the way she is positioned puts a great deal of pressure on my bladder and intestines, and whenever either one is even a little bit full, I start feeling the pressure.  I wish that I could move her up a little bit because it is uncomfortable, but hope that it means that she might not have quite as far to go when it’s time for her to be born.

I’ve also started to experience a pretty significant sciatic nerve pain and I started looking for a good chiropractor, but then my mother-in-law suggested a massage. Honestly, that sounded like a lot more fun, so I had one on Friday and I can definitely tell a difference.  While I still feel that pesky pressure, the nerve pain is pretty much gone now.  Yay!!

Her room is painted and her crib is set up, now what I’m waiting on is a glider, a wall decal, and shelves.  It’s so crazy to think that in just about 16 weeks we will have a baby that probably won’t be ready to sleep in that room, but it will be hers nonetheless.



2 thoughts on “24 weeks!

  1. I love reading your updates, Erin! It’s so much fun hearing about a first-time pregnancy and all of the new experiences. We find out the gender on Friday & someone told us we should do a gender reveal just to do something special for the fourth baby. I at least need to be better about documenting this pregnancy, you inspire me!

  2. Hi Erin, How exciting to hear all about your pregnancy, and I can’t believe how quickly this is going! Love the growing belly pics and cant wait to hear more…. XXX

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