The Haps

I am now 17 and 1/7 weeks pregnant.  The baby has definitely created a little bump for itself, but when I look in myself in the mirror, it still looks like belly fat.  I’m guessing that a little closer to 20 weeks there will be a more noticeable “pop”.

I am praising God that it seems I have passed the throwing up part of pregnancy, although on days when I work, I always need to eat a second breakfast around 8 AM or I feel like passing out.  I am definitely thankful that I am usually able to take a break around that time and everyone is really understanding.  I wore maternity scrub pants for the first time this week and liked them about as much as I liked the Bella Band.  I think I’m just in the awkward phase where regular clothes (of any kind) are too uncomfortable, but maternity clothes are too big.

In the first trimester, I lost 7-8 pounds, and I have finally gained 3 of those back.  I’m so thankful to have an appetite again, but I’m starting to wonder if I will ever gain weight like I should?  My mom says (and I know she’s right) that it will definitely come and I shouldn’t worry, but the NICU nurse in me still worries that the baby won’t get enough nutrition if I’m not gaining weight like I expected.  And tonight when I took my prenatal vitamin I read (for the first time) that the recommended dose of this brand is two pills three times daily!!!!  Woops!  Guess I should have read that more closely.  The good news is, I was taking a different brand in the first trimester that only required one pill per day.

I’m still always amazed at how many people feel comfortable touching my abdomen.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate it when people don’t ask first!!

The people that I’m close to, and even those who know me very casually, know that I have pretty “granola” views on many things, and childbirth is no exception.  My mom gave birth sans epidural twice, and I know several people who have done the same, or who have used birthing centers or done home births.   I didn’t expect much support for natural childbirth from my co-workers, but it’s still a bit frustrating to have people really try to discourage you from doing what you think is best for your baby (and what the evidence actually supports).   I work in a place that sees only the worst outcomes of childbirth, so I do understand where a lot of my co-workers come from, but I still think people shouldn’t be so quick to give their unsolicited opinions.  There was one girl at work who was encouraging me regarding natural birth, and she successfully had a VBAC last year, and I was so thankful to hear her give a positive viewpoint. Thank God for my close friends who are supportive!

At 15.5 weeks I was able to feel the baby move for the first time!  It felt like two little pops of popcorn in my belly and it was one of the most exciting things ever!  Now I’m feeling the baby with more regularity, though he or she tends to be most active on the days that I work.  Last night I actually felt stronger movements, though they still can’t be felt from the outside.   I can’t wait until Andrew can feel the baby; that is going to be a really exciting day.

Can’t wait to hear our little onion’s heartbeat again tomorrow!!