Week by Week

As you may or may not be able to see, at about 12 weeks I started to show a little bit in my scrubs.  Now there is definitely a little bump, and yesterday I wore a belly band for the first time.  I was hoping that it would be really comfortable since I am just not ready to splurge on maternity clothes yet, but none of my pants fit anymore.  However, it was definitely not comfortable, and I felt self conscious the whole time I was at church for fear of my pants falling down.  I am really thankful for my sister-in-law Katie and a co-worker Tracy who each gave me some maternity clothes so that I don’t need to run out to Motherhood Maternity right away, but the time is definitely coming soon.

This was the first week that I didn’t get sick at all.  Hallellujah!!  Hopefully some more of that second trimester goodness will kick in soon!

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me if we have a name picked out and I feel a little bit badly when I say no, we really have no ideas.  But at the same time, there’s not a whole lot of pressure since we don’t know the baby’s gender yet and still won’t for a few weeks.  We are really looking forward to that next ultrasound though, and being able to give our little one their own identity.

I can’t believe this is our last year before kids!!


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