The First Trimester

P1080518I am officially out of the first trimester now, at 14 weeks and 1 day and am so thankful to be at this point.  We heard the baby’s heartbeat at our last appointment, and can’t wait to hear it again in three weeks!  Soon after that, we are hoping to learn the sex of the baby, and we are really looking forward to that!

“How have you felt so far?” you ask?  Well, I consider myself very blessed to be nowhere near as sick as my mother was with all four of us, but I am still looking forward to being past all of the morning sickness.  I was simply exhausted for the first six weeks, and nauseous most of the time.  I had no appetite, which didn’t help the nausea, and I ended up losing 8 pounds.  My appetite has finally returned, but now I joke that the baby is scared of the NICU, because I feel the worst when I am there, and it’s the only place I get sick.  Usually the mornings are the worst, but occasionally I will feel icky in the afternoons.

I started to “show” around week 12, and now I have a noticeable belly.  Not large, just noticeable.  People have already started touching, which I have not yet learned how to deal with.  If you have any tips, I welcome them!  I am just not okay with people touching my abdomen without asking first; I find it incredibly rude.

We have no real ideas for names yet; I figure lightning will strike one day and we will just “know” what our baby’s name should be.  I wish we had some good name ideas, but since we don’t know the sex, I guess there’s not much point yet.

All in all, this has been a great pregnancy and I am so thankful for what my midwife called “a very strong pregnancy”.


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