The other night I was looking through old blog posts as I was trying to process my Project 365 pictures and realized something—it had been almost one month in between posts.  And not only that, my posts had been really sporadic all summer.  I guess that’s just what happens when I’m working a ton of 12 hour days with not much else going on in life.

I honestly don’t know what I did from May to August, except for work.  August was a really great month, though, because it came with two fantastic vacations and so much rest.  By the time September rolled around, I actually felt rejuvenated and so much less stressed!  This has been a bit of a rough year both because of work & some stuff that I’ve really had to work through and I was feeling really overwhelmed and depressed before my August vacations.  I can’t fully express just how much I needed that time off and how healing it was to be away from the everyday “stuff” that tends to weigh me down.

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I feel so much better prepared to deal with things now, and while a lot of it has to do with having time away, I can also contribute some of it to the new Bible study that I’m doing with some girls from work.  I posted a while ago about some of my insecurities and not really knowing how to deal with them, and some of you recommended Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity study.  Thank you!!  We are on our fifth week of the study and are getting so much out of it!  I’m so thankful for the study and excited, though a little nervous, to see how God is going to use it in my life and the lives of the other ladies.

Hopefully I won’t neglect my blog as much this fall!


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