My Sister

Andrew and I are blessed to be able to spend some time with my family this weekend before Tracy goes back to Paris. We are playing Words with Friends, spending time on the beach, eating, and just enjoying each others’ company.

While talking to Tracy, I have begun to understand the urgency with which she is raising support to go back to Paris. She leaves for debriefing in Chicago in just over a week and is at 74% of her support goal. If she does not reach 100% before she leaves, she will have to finish raising money while in Paris. Raising support in the USA is difficult enough, but raising support from Paris will be even more challenging.

So I ask for your help on her behalf. I know not everyone is called to support every missionary, most of us know at least three people at any given time so are raising support for full time ministry; but in the very least I ask for your prayers. Please pray that the Lord would provide the rest of the money that she needs in order to minister I Paris.

She started a blog about her everyday life here, where you can not only read about her life in general, but also hear from her heart about her ministry to college students in Paris.

Thank you for your prayers; they make such a difference!


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