Current Events

Tricia over at Fabulous Since 1961 posted this on her blog and I thought it was a fun prompt to talk about what I’m currently:

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,

Obsessing over… chocolate… and trying not to be so obsessed with it, and also finding out why my cycles are so weird.

Working on… a quilt for Ella.  She’s due almost any day now and I need to figure out how I want this quilt to look!!

Thinking about… “I need to mail my check to the HOA.”

Anticipating… working some oVeRtiMe this week!

Listening to… the Dancing With the Stars finale on DVR.

Eating… chocolate chips and a Cliff bar, what a great dinner.

Praying for… all of my friends who are pregnant.  Healthy babies and healthy mommies, please!  And for Aiden.

Wishing that 5:25 am didn’t come so early.

Just because 🙂


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