{2012}: Day 112


Isabella, Heather, and Olivia on the "crab ride"

We spent the day at SeaWorld with some of Andrew’s family.  It was supposed to rain all day long, and as a result, our biking class was cancelled, so we certainly didn’t expect to spend more than an hour or two at the park.  Five hours later, we finally left because the kids were fading and, I’ll be honest, the grown ups needed naps, too.


When we first arrived, we spent some time at Shamu’s Happy Harbor where the kids could climb on the ropes and ride some kid-friendly roller coasters and other rides.  Isabella had a blast on the Shamu coaster, but poor Olivia isn’t quite tall enough, but she was a trooper and rode a few other rides instead.  Both girls loved the “crab ride” that is similar to Dr. Doom or Tower of Terror, but on a super small scale.  Sweet Max found his way out of the stroller and loved playing around in the splash area.  He is such a sweet and curious little guy!

After we finished in the kiddie area, the adults left the kids in the care of the grandparents and headed off to the real roller coasters.  We had a blast riding over and over again since there was no line.  It made the headache I have now worth it!


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