{2012}: Day 66

This was another full day.  We got a little bit lost at first looking for the D’Orsay museum, but found it after a quick detour where we ran into the Asemblee Nationale and saw a guard in a plastic box.  The D’Orsay Museum was our favorite out of the ones we visited on this trip.  We both enjoy art from the Impressionist period; I especially love Monet.  I would definitely not mind having some of his work in our home.  After the museum, we were really hungry and found a boulangerie on the way to the Rodin museum where we saw some of Rodin’s most famous works.

From the gardens of the museum we could see Napoleon’s tomb.  If I hadn’t known it already, I would have then thought that Napoleon was his own biggest fan.  It is almost obscene how big this monument is.  Next to his tomb is the Hotel de Invalides, which houses the Army Museum.  We didn’t make it through all of the exhibits, only the extensive WWI and WWII exhibits.  They were very well done and exhibits of this kind always put me in a bit of a somber and reflective mood.  So much evil abounded unchecked during those wars.

After we finished our museum tours, we went to the Arc de Triomphe and saw gorgeous panoramic views of Paris and then watched the relighting of the Eternal Flame on the tomb of the unknown soldier.  It reminded me of our changing of the guard at Arlington, but less solemn and reverent.

Once we were done at the Arc, we headed off to a yummy dinner with Tracy, where I forgot to get pictures of people but only got a picture of my dessert.

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4 thoughts on “{2012}: Day 66

  1. Love the pictures. The picture of the two of you with the tower in the background on the left is just…great…wonderful.

    No mention of how long the meals can take or did I miss that? What is the longest amount of time you guys spent at a meal???

    • Thanks! That’s one of my favorite pictures, too. Most of our lunches were at boulangeries which are just little sandwich and pastry shops on the street where you grab your lunch and start walking, but our sit down dinners were nice and leisurely. We never had to wait long for service; they were very attentive, but were able to just sit and enjoy our time chatting. They don’t push you out the door like at the restaurants in the States.

      • I asked because Amy and I had a formal evening meal with our hosts from my company and the travel companions from Ford. At the 2 hour mark Amy was pinching me to speed things up, at the 3 hour mark she was kicking me, at the 3 1/2 hour mark I had to excuse us and head back to the room because she was so uncomfortable and we were headed for trouble. How many courses and how much wine over 3 1/2 hours … many and much!

      • LOL. I would have wanted to scoot after two hours, too!! Fortunately, we were always with people whose company we enjoyed, so a 2 hour meal was very welcome 🙂

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