{2012}: Day 63

Louis XIV, the Sun King. Versailles was his masterpiece.

Woot woot!  We had a blast on our 3rd day in Paris checking out the wonder that is Versailles.  I am still in absolute awe of how gorgeous the palace and its grounds are.  To think that people were so skilled and detail oriented so long ago when they had such limited tools and technology and were able to build something that has stood the test of time is absolutely incredible.

Louis XIV expanded what was once a “simple” hunting lodge to this humongous palace that required half of the French GDP just to maintain the building and grounds.  It’s a breathtaking building, but I can definitely see why the French revolted.  No one needs a palace this big, plus the Louvre, plus Fontainbleau, and then some.

This place is massive.


Tracy in the Hall of Mirrors.  This is the most famous part of the palace and, boy oh boy, is it impressive!

Look at the tourists in the background.

Celebrating the Temple of Love with a kiss

We had a yummy dinner with Tracy and her roomies after our tour of Versailles. We love French food so far!

After dinner we ran into the girls again in the Metro.

Bye, bye, Versailles!


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