{2012}: Day 62

Can anyone say 80s sci-fi? This was the train that we took to Fontainbleau.

Our second day in Paris started around 1000 when we left the apartment to meet Tracy and Maggie to visit the Chateau Fontainbleau.  It took about an hour to get there between all of our little stops along the way and eating lunch.  I have to say that I was a little surprised with how ancient these trains looked… I kept calling them “Star Wars trains”.  Haha!

The clocktower at the Lyon train station

We ended up needing to change money at the Lyon train station, and we were fortunate enough to find a place where the exchange rate was actually better than at the airport, which was very nice.

Once we got to Fontainbleau we were really hungry and found a great little boulangerie that had a set price for a sandwich, drink, and dessert for about 8 euros—a great price.  And it was super yummy to boot.

Andrew with his salmon sandwich. The salmon looked like sushi.

Maggie and Tracy enjoying their sandwiches.

Us with our desserts. I had a yummy apple pastry and Andrew had a chocolate filled eclair. They were sooo good!

Before we found the entrance.

The Chateau is smack dab in the middle of town, but it still took us a while to find the main entrance. The building is huge, so we had to walk around for quite some time.

Just off of the courtyard are the horse shoe stairs where Napoleon gave his abdication speech.  They look really huge in the picture, but are actually kind of small, just like Napoleon.

Tracy ascending the horse shoe stairs

In the middle of the lake/pond in back of the Chateau is Napoleon’s office.  He used to have someone row him out there so that he could work undisturbed on matters of the state.  I’m sure that Andrew wishes that he had something like this, especially now when he’s working on a major paper 😉

I took lots of pictures of the inside, but those tend to get a little boring, so I’ll just skip posting (most) those and move on to more pictures of people 🙂

Me just outside of the chapel. I really wish that we could have gone in because it was just beautiful.

Maggie and Tracy at the entrance to the library. There are something like 16,000 books in this library.

The library probably would have been one my favorite rooms in the whole palace.

Strolling through the grounds.

The grounds were really beautiful, even though they were pretty barren because of the winter.  I’m sure that they are breathtaking in the spring with all of the trees and flowers in full bloom.  Someday I’d like to come back and visit Paris during the spring, but it has been really nice to avoid the crowds that come with tourist season.

Andrew and I on a little bridge in the garden.

Any of these beautiful palaces or their grounds would be such an amazing place for a wedding.  I kept wondering if it was ever possible for an ordinary (or not so ordinary) person to have a private events at one of these places.

Tracy and I goofing off 🙂

All in all, a beautiful day at a beautiful palace in beautiful France.

Looks like something straight out of "Sense and Sensibility"


3 thoughts on “{2012}: Day 62

  1. It looks like you’re having a great time! Your pictures are so pretty. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with getting a picture a day when in France.

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