{2012} Day 61

I love all of these beautiful French buildings!

We arrived in Paris at about 8AM local time and headed directly through customs, which took all of about 2.5 seconds.  It was such a breeze!  It ended up taking us quite a bit of time to get to our apartment… 3 hours to be exact, which was a little bit of a challenge since we probably slept a sum total of about 90 minutes on the plane ride.

Looking at the map as Sacre Coeur comes into view

Well, we settled into the flat and then headed out to explore the area.  We ended up getting a little bit lost at first because we couldn’t figure out the map we were given.  The French have an odd way of writing their maps, but we ended up deciding that we should go the opposite way that we think we should go because we are so backwards and have completely lost our sense of direction.  Andrew blames it on being in a different hemisphere.  That darn Prime Meridian.

We eventually made it to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur around 2 and spent some time wandering around.  It usually has sweeping views of the city, but it was really foggy, so although we were able to make out some buildings, it wasn’t quite as breathtaking as it would be on a clear day.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but it is a beautiful building.  It always amazes me how well constructed these old churches are.  How did those masons get those stones to stay arched???

Although it is a beautiful building, I was saddened as I walked through and saw so much “other”.  There were statues and figurines of various saints everywhere, but little emphasis on Jesus.  There was one statue of Christ, though, and as we passed it, I saw a woman take her infant and stretch the baby so that her child’s hand would touch the statue, as if touching the stone would bless the baby.  It just made me sad that so many people still do not realize that it’s not the bricks and mortar, it’s the person of Jesus that brings life.  A statue just won’t do the trick.

There are lots of stairs in Montemarte

After we walked around a little more, we headed back toward the flat and picked up some groceries for breakfast before we crashed for an hour before Tracy met us at the apartment.  It was so good to see her!!!  I’m really looking forward to spending time with her and learning more about this city and getting to know it through her eyes.

We took a lot of pictures, so sorry if this post is a little picture heavy!

We found Jesus in Paris.

Montemarte is one area of the city where there are some pretty steep hills... at least to a Floridian 😉

Yay! We found Sacre Coeur!

The back of Sacre Couer

Look! A gargoyle!

Me in front of the big red door on the side of the church.

"And if my people pray"

One of the horsemen of the apocalypse?

Andrew... and a foggy view of Paris

Sacre Couer!

It's really a magnificent building.

Thought this was cute 🙂

And this little tourist is headed off to bed now.  It’s almost midnight Paris time and we are exhausted!


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