Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day, a day that only comes once every four years, and so to commemorate this very special day, we are flying to Paris!  Okay, so that’s not really why we are going to Paris, but that would be a fun tradition to start.

We are actually going to Paris to visit my sister Tracy who is living there for a year and working as a missionary.  It’s kind of amazing how this trip worked out, actually.  We knew that we wanted to visit Tracy while she was living in Paris, but we just didn’t think it was feasible until last month:

  1. I was able to get vacation time at the last minute.  This is a very big deal since we usually have to request vacation off a year in advance
  2. We are very happy IRS customers this year.
  3. Andrew has time off from school.
  4. Tracy will have free time so we will actually be able to spend time with her while we are in town… which is, you know, essential when you’re trying to visit someone.

So here we are on the plane about to embark on a very special journey and we are so thankful for this opportunity!

We’ve already had a little excitement today since our ride to the airport arrived a little behind schedule, which was really no big deal since we live so close to the airport.  But then we left our passports at the airport ticket counter.  Thank goodness Andrew thought he lost our itinerary (he didn’t), or we never would have been paying attention to the overhead speaker, “Would the ____ party please return to the ticket counter.”  Yikes!  That would have been really awful.

And so with our passports and boarding passes in hand, we can jubilantly say, “Paris, here we come!!!!”

I know it’s not February 29 anymore, but I wrote this on the plane and didn’t get to publish it until later 🙂


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