{2012}: Days 51-53

Day 51: Homemade mac & cheese made by my sweet friend Kim for our Bible study. Yum!!

Day 52: Andrew is multitasking... studying and talking with a friend.

Day 53: My pinterest-inspired oatmeal for the friends that are staying with us.

Some sentences:

I am seriously out of order still; I need to work on getting the rest of the missing days up this weekend.

I rode my bike to Publix yesterday, 2.1 miles each way.  It is very difficult to ride against wind, especially when you have groceries on your back.

I’ve exercised twice this week… that’s a big improvement from no exercise for the last ____ weeks.  Also, my “sugar free” day has been an epic failure.  Maybe I’ll start that back up again on Monday.

We’re leaving for Paris soon!!!!!!!!


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