{2012}: Day 44

The other day I was listening to the radio as I was driving home and one of Lady Antebellum’s newest songs came on.  It was a song about lost love and the characters in the song wondered about what might have been and where the other person is now.  The song moved me {I love Lady A!!!}, but as I began to jam out I started to think about mine and Andrew’s love story.  And I was so thankful.  I  am so thankful that neither of us have lost loves or regrets, or thoughts about what might have been with someone else.  We were each other’s first real relationship, first kiss, first everything.  I know that God writes a different love story for every couple, but I am just so thankful for the way He wrote ours.  No regrets.  No one to wonder about.  Just each other for forever and always

Sweet roses from my sweet husband from our sweet garden

I’m completely out of order in my 365 posts, but that’s okay.  I wanted to post this one on Valentine’s Day.  Because it’s special.

I couldn’t get it to focus quite how I wanted it to; I need to play with the settings some more, but I love the overall look


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