I Want Sugar

Today is sugar free day… and I want sugar!!!  But I will not cave!

I ended up missing one day of exercise last week because I worked four days in a row (M-Th), so by Friday I just needed rest.  I think Saturday made up for it though; I walked all over SeaWorld and did 40 minutes of yoga.

Thursday: My new Bible arrived, but the quality of the cover was poor so I tried to return it, but Amazon said that I could keep it and still get a refund! How cool!

Friday: Andrew's bean sprouts!

Saturday: We spent the day at SeaWorld with Andrew's family. Isabella and Olivia got to pet a sloth!

Sunday: My sweet husband making dinner after I got home from work. It's super out of focus... but Andrew never stays still for more than one second, so it's difficult to play with the camera settings.

Monday: My hands look and feel awful after working so many days in such a short time period, so I will practically take a bath in this lotion tomorrow!


One thought on “I Want Sugar

  1. I have been on sugar free for over a week and OMG it sucks! You should go read my “Office Barbie” its a great sugar free laugh ;).

    Love the sprouts!!!

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