Start Something That Matters

My little sister was the first person that I knew to own a pair of TOMS shoes.  I thought were cute, but not cute enough to warrant a $40+ pricetag.  So for several years I haven’t really paid any attention to the company.  But then I read Blake Mycoskie’s book, Start Something That Matters.  Now, I have completely bought into the TOMS vision.

Start Something That Matters is Mycoskie’s way of helping to inspire others to do something great.  Whether that be through starting a new company, a non-profit, or just revolutionizing your existing workplace, it doesn’t really matter—the insight that he offers pretty much applies across the board.  And while I’m not looking to start a new company or non-profit, I do want to change my workplace for the better.  My favorite chapter in this book was the “Build Trust” chapter.  Mycoskie included in it some great ways to inspire trust in your employees as well as with your customers, and some of these things are definitely implementable on my unit. Though I’m not the boss (nor do I ever want to be!), it only takes one person to make a difference and to be a catalyst for positive change, so I’m going to keep some of his ideas stored up and ready to go.

Start Something That Matters probably won’t revolutionize your life, but hopefully it will inspire you to create positive change around you.  I know that it helped me when I was feeling frustrated.  So if you want to pick up a copy (or just sample the first chapter), head over to, or just read the following.  You can win a free copy right here!  Just leave a comment saying what you could start/change (be it big or small) that matters.  For an additional entry, promote this contest on your blog and leave a comment telling me that you did.  For a third entry, tell your friends on Facebook and then leave a comment telling me that you did.  This contest will end Wednesday, December 21 at 11:59 pm and the winner will be announced soon thereafter.  Good luck!  And tell your friends!

*UPDATE* Changing the rules a little bit to boost entries… just leave any comment for an entry.  Same rules for additional entries.

I received this book (and the book I’m giving away) for free as a part of the Books for Bloggers Program, all opinions are 100% mine.


7 thoughts on “Start Something That Matters

  1. So I’m reading your blog and parts of the words keep disappearing. I think,”Oh no, I’m getting a migraine,” then to my relief, realize that you have snow falling on your blog blanking out parts of words.” Whew,

  2. Also, one thing I can start is loving and giving unconditionally. Not necessarily everything I have, but when I can give and still survive, I should give. Whether it be my time or money. Despite any trials I may face, I am blessed.

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